a client asked me to get the buzz out of his resonator guitar - a common request.
however this guitar needed special attention....and a bee keepers suit
a complete restoration on a 1930’s Gibson LO
a complete restoration on a 1960’s Martin D-28 including replacing the X bracing
a complete restoration on a 1966 Martin D-28
This guitar was broken, split, cracked and basically a basket case.
Repairs complete it played and sounded great!

I first became interested in guitar making at the age of 16 and soon afterwards I quit school and lucked into a job at Guild Guitars   ( I knew the owners grand-daughter in high school )

Since 1975 I have been building, repairing  and restoring guitars, mandolins and banjos.

I currently operate the repair shop at Crossroads Music in Port Townsend, Wa. and am available for consultation regarding your  instruments needs.

If your instrument is hard to play it needs help.

I can adjust it to make your playing time more enjoyable.

Call me at 360-385-1471 for an appointment.

a complete restoration on a 1932 Martin 000-18
Many loose braces, neck reset, refret and a new bridge